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Keep important medical information in one place.  Automatically sync your account with your patient portal, fitness, medical and health devices with PHR+ Connect.



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Keep all health and medical information such as allergies, medications, surgeries, medical conditions and documentation, and more for you and your entire family in one convenient, secure location. Sign up for a free account now!

PHR+ CONNECT (Premium Version)

With PHR+ Connect, you can import all of your medical and health information into one convenient location. In addition, with PHR+ Connect you can:
  • Automatically sync your fitness information from devices like Fitbit, Jawbone, Runkeeper and more!
  • Automatically sync with medical devices like your blood pressure monitor, glucometer and heart rate sensor.
  • Automatically sync with body weight scale & reach your weight loss goals with tips and insights.
  • PLUS you and your loved ones can ALWAYS keep lifesaving medical information with you using the PHR Plus products. You can even share your important information with medical providers.

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